The 3 Best Styles for Prescription Radiation Safety Glasses in 2022

04/13/2021 – Lutz, Florida: In 2022, radiation safety is more of a priority than ever before. As industry standards get stricter and more protective than ever, Attenutech strives to protect men and women from the effects of scatter radiation. In fact, this is why they have carefully collected the best brands in the industry. Attenutech is the official distributor of many popular optical safety brands that are bringing top notch protection in 2022. Attenutech strives to provide optimum eye protection for those that work in radiation involved environments. They have a seasoned team of customer care experts that know the hazards of radiation exposure, and work to protect their customers from it fully.

 Additionally, many of Attenutech’s customers work in environments that deal with potential exposure to scatter radiation and its harmful effects. This is why the team at Attenutech uses their platform to urge men and women to wear adequate radiation protection such as lead glasses. Such glasses do the important job of helping to protect workers in any hazardous field that deals with exposure to different types of radiation. The types of individuals this includes are workers who operate x-ray machines, fluoroscopy units, radioisotopes and more. Attenutech provides the radiation lead glasses for any of these possible situations that medical workers can deal with.

In fact, with years of experience in the radiation protection field under their belt, Attenutech is excited to unveil their full radiation optical protection collection in 2022. Attenutech is proud to offer a full range of radiation glasses that have been carefully curated for men and women. Also, Attenutech wants its customers to stay informed about the benefits of radiation safety glasses. This way, they understand the benefits of a great protective pair of radiation lead glasses. Attenutech actually provides extensive customer service in order to help customers find the perfect radiation glasses. They supply radiation wrap around glasses, goggles, rimmed, and more.

Attenutech’s lead radiation prescription glasses protect your eyes and vision from the harmful effects of radiation. Read on for some of their team’s suggestions on the most protective radiation glasses for 2022. Then, head on over to to see the complete collection!

Nike State Radiation Glasses


The Nike State glasses are perfect for a fashionable choice that brings the top tier of radiation protection. hese high quality radiation leaded glasses are durable with high-tension hinges. Plus, the radiation reducing lenses are made from distortion free SF-6 Schott glass lenses and offer a protection level of .75mm Pb lead equivalency with injected frame material. They are also available in four unique colors.

Nike Neo RD Radiation Glasses



These round radiation glasses bring high quality protection to any environment. Medical workers love these glasses because they are radiation reducing and lightweight. This classic oval frame is great in hazardous medical environments and easily transitions into everyday life. They are also great for adding your prescription to.

T9730 Radiation Safety Glasses


These cat eye glasses are great for then you need to add extra protection in a radiation environment. Also, these lead radiation glasses have integrated side shields for additional protection. Plus, the T9730 also features rubberized and adjustable nose pads for extra comfort. They are the perfect radiation protection glasses to add your prescription to!

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