JENCO Helps Advance Decentralized Finance through its Unique Platform

Tokyo, Japan — After its official launch, Jubilee Energy and Commodities or JENCO has been giving new profit opportunities to investors keen on digital investing and trading. It is also set to operate its platform in support of the mainstream adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi).

JENCO seeks to connect the traditional finance and crypto finance markets through a system that takes advantage of smart contracts and token solutions. The company understands that this goal is going to be challenging. Not many will instantly comprehend the concept of financial decentralization, especially with blockchain technology and digital currency involved.

That’s why JENCO designed its platform, referred to as the JENCO Protocol, to be simple and versatile while integrating innovative financial products. With this, the company addresses many of the problems associated with traditional investment, namely the lack of access to high quality assets, inability to build wealth, hedging and risk management weaknesses, and security risks. JENCO promotes decentralized finance to expand access to more investment opportunities while reducing risks significantly.

The JENCO Protocol makes it possible to create and trade financial derivatives on the blockchain without the need to understand technical matters. It allows investors to engage in derivative trading with notable ease. Additionally, it provides a toolkit to enable connection to top DeFi lending protocols such as Aave and Compound. This makes it possible for investors to find and monitor the highest interest rates.

Moreover, the JENCO Protocol utilizes bots to operate a fully automated investing system. This automation ensures efficient operations while providing a cushion against the extreme volatility of the crypto market. With the help of artificial intelligence, JENCO helps investors prepare for drastic market movements that can result in large losses. The bots integrate with major crypto exchanges such as Poloniex and Bitfinex for real-time data access and prompt reaction to crucial market developments.

JENCO makes it easy for anyone to take advantage of decentralized finance investing. This investing process can be summarized in three steps: deposit an asset, pick a JENCO DeFi product, and profit from the investment. Once an investor takes the profit, the system does not impose lock-in requirements. Investors can exit anytime they want after taking the profit.

As some of the pandemic-hit economies are already opening up, especially in Asia, JENCO says it is slowly seeing a resurgence in its energy and commodity investments. Tony Jackson, CEO of JENCO, expresses optimism that the next months will pave the way for a more hopeful new normal. “We expect customer and investor sentiment to rise in time for the holiday season. I believe we are nearing the end of the tunnel,” Jackson says.

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